Court of Appeals reinstates rape convictions in Hershel Kemp case

One man accused of multiple child sex crimes and eventually convicted in Lyon County District Court has had part of his conviction affirmed and part of it reversed.

In 2016, Hershel Kemp, 33, was convicted of molesting a then-10-year-old girl for at least three years. He was then sentenced to four consecutive life terms in prison on convictions ranging from child rape to aggravated indecent liberties to child sexual exploitation. District Court also set aside guilty verdicts on three rape counts in the case because they may not have reflected unanimous agreement by the jurors.

Kemp appealed, saying there were numerous errors during the trial.

The Court of Appeals affirmed the convictions and the judgment. It also reversed the District Court ruling that Kemp should have a new trial on the three rape convictions. Instead, those have been reinstated and Kemp will be back in court at an unspecified date for sentencing.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 11 April 2018 10:13