Court of Appeals reverses decision related to Lance Harris drug case

A Kansas Court of Appeals judicial panel has reversed a ruling in a Lyon County drug case from over five years ago.

Lance J Harris had been accused in 2011 of 13 drug-related offenses. In exchange for a no-contest plea on three of the charges, the rest were dropped. At sentencing, however, the state asked for consecutive sentences. Harris then moved to withdraw his plea, saying he was advised the state would be silent, but the court imposed the consecutive sentences.

After appeal, Harris then appealed again asserting multiple claims of ineffective counsel and also moved to amend his claims to add more, but district court said the amended motion was not timely and dismissed Harris' motion for a preliminary hearing. The Court of Appeals panel said Friday the motion should not have been denied without a hearing. It said the motion may allege facts which do not appear initially, and if those facts are true Harris may be entitled to legal relief.

The case has been remanded to Lyon County District Court for further action.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 11 April 2018 10:13