Donald Trump sworn in as nation's 45th president

It's official. Donald Trump is now the 45th President of the United States of America.


Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the general election two months ago. He was formaly sworn in around 11 am.  Lyon County Republican party chair Peggy Mast says Trump has already shown he's bringing an unconventional approach to the office. She also says this is an unconventional time worldwide.


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Lyon County Democrat party chair Jeremy Adkison called Trump's election "surreal" because he overcame long odds to become President. He says health care changes, especially changes to the Affordable Care Act, are the big issue for the Trump administration early on.


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Mast says there are several key issues facing Trump as he becomes President. She says regulations, notably for energy and agriculture, should be a top priority. She also says the Affordable Care Act is "an unmanageable system," so changes planned by Trump are needed.


6:25 am Friday: Trump inauguration at hand


President-elect Donald Trump formally becomes President Trump as of around noon Central time Friday.


Formal inauguration ceremonies start around 10:30 am Central. Trump will be sworn in around 11 am by US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and then will deliver his inaugural address. The inaugural parade then starts at 2 pm.


Trump becomes the nation's 45th president after upsetting Hillary Clinton in the general election two months ago. We'll have local reaction on KVOE, and KVOE social media.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 11 April 2018 10:16