Early repairs done at water main break sites

Initial repairs have been completed after a pair of water main breaks Monday.


Underground Utilities crews were called out to the intersection of 24th and West Ridge on Monday morning after a 12-inch service line failed. Traffic was completely blocked for several hours, but Public Works Director Frank Abart says the break happened outside the normal traffic path so crews were able to make initial repairs and reopen 24th completely late in the day.


Crews were also called out to the 2800 block of Rio Vista Drive after a 6-inch line failed. Water service was restored by early evening.


The exact reasons for these failures have not been released.


4 pm Monday: Traffic now flowing around site of water main break on West 24th


Traffic on 24th Avenue near Emporia Middle School is now moving again after a major water main break early Monday.


Water started bubbling to the surface at 24th and West Ridge around 6:30 am. Public Works Director Frank Abart says the issues with the 12-inch service line in question were out of the main travel path, so both lanes of traffic are now moving past the reconstruction zone.


Abart says there were likely no water issues for the middle school and Walmart on the south side of 24th -- or for homes on the north side of the street.


Also, Abart says water service should be restored for folks around the 2800 block of Rio Vista around 6 pm after a separate water main break. A 6-inch line failed around noon.


The cause of the water main breaks has not been not been determined.


2:35 pm Monday: Second water main break develops in northwest Emporia


Northwest Emporia is the site of two water main breaks Monday.


A 6-inch line has failed in the 2800 block of Rio Vista, with that issue being reported shortly before noon. Public Works Director Frank Abart says water service should be restored by 6 pm. There's currently no word on what caused this break or how many customers are affected.


Work also continues on a 12-inch service line at 24th and West Ridge. Water was reported in the area around 6:30 am. The intersection may be shut down into Tuesday.


11:05 am Monday: 24th at West Ridge shut down after water main break


Underground Utilities crews are dealing with a significant water main break Monday morning.


Public Works was alerted to the water main break at 24th and West Ridge shortly before 8 am, although Director Frank Abart says it could well have happened a few hours beforehand.


{wbty_audio audio_id="21238" audio_title="Abart: Lucky break"} 


Abart says the intersection will have to stay closed Monday and possibly for a few days, weather permitting.


At this time, it's unclear what led to the failure of the 12-inch line. An estimated repair time has also not been announced.

8:35 am Monday: Significant water main break develops near Emporia Middle School

Emporia Underground Utilities staffers are in the early stages of resolving a major water main break. 

Crews are on 24th Avenue near Emporia Middle School after a 12-inch line failed early Monday at the intersection of West Ridge. Public Works Director Frank Abart says the school should be unaffected by the leak. There is currently no word on how many homes are currently offline.

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