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Emporia City Commission approves housing development and reviews wastewater treatment plant improvements

The Emporia City Commission met Wednesday night for their last action session of the year.



City commissioners approved everything on their agenda, which includes a new housing development at 1002 Whittier Street.


This agreement pertains to 36 units of two and three-bedroom apartments, and the total costs are estimated at $5.5 million. Rite Development, Incorporated is in charge of the project.


This development also includes one 24-plex, one 12-plex, a clubhouse, and a playground. All of the units will serve families at or below 60 percent of area media income. The project is pending land acquisition and approval of the tax credit application.


Commissioner Danny Giefer explains how these new apartments will impact the lower middle-class.


{wbty_audio audio_id="19631" audio_title="Giefer on importance of new housing development"} 


The Emporia City Commission also held a public hearing in regards to wastewater treatment plant improvements. In a previous meeting, city commissioners agreed to alternative 3A to meet the required stringent limits for nitrogen and phosophorus levels.


The city of Emporia needs to adequately reduce these nutrients because these are state and national priorities for surface waters.


Alternative 3A has a firm fixed price of slightly over $28.5 million. In order to finance Alternative 3A, commissioners determined the State Revolving Loan Fund to be their best bet.


The interest rate for financing the project through the State Revolving Loan Fund program will be 1.94 percent. By financing through this program, they will reduce the cost by about $5 million over the life of the loan.


City commissioners also approved an ambulance by contract, a new maintenance contract with the Emporia Public Library, the new election ordinance, and amending the 2016 budget.


The 2017 maintenance contract increased by two percent, and Giefer says the election ordinance will have elections move from April to November. Going forward, people will now take office in January instead of April.


Commissioners congratulated ten city employees for completing the Collaborate, Organize, and Engage program. They met eight times in the past four months to complete this program.


For more information on the Emporia City Commission, go online to emporia-kansas.gov.

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