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Emporia City Commission approves many different bids during afternoon meeting

Approve, approve, approve. That one word defined what the Emporia City Commission did Wednesday afternoon at the Municipal Auditorium.



There were many unanimous decisions that the City Commission agreed upon Wednesday, but some of the most notable ones were the decisions to agree to terms with the Lake Kahola Homeowners Association on water levels and to award a bid a new rescue truck for the Emporia Fire Department at a cost of over $400,000.


According to Vice Mayor Bobbi Mlynar, the most important agenda item the Commission passed was approving the resolution for Hidden Vistas housing development, thus creating a Rural Housing Incentive District to bring this about. She explains its major significance to the city of Emporia.



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This will involve 25 units and a swimming pool at 30th Avenue  and Twin Lakes Drive. A public hearing on this will be held Sept. 7.


In addition to the Rural Housing Incentive District, the Commission also approved the request for Beer Garden Ordinance from Brick Yard 20 Ale House. According to Mlynar, this ordinance is something that the city of Emporia has been looking to pass for some time.


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Commissioners accepted the Emergency Solutions Grant from the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation; the amount of that grant is $51,351 to benefit SOS and Plumb Place. Commissioners also set Aug. 30 as the date for receiving bids to demolish city property at 407 Commercial, saying rehab costs are "prohibitive," as well as for receiving bids to replace the storm sewer for Merchant Street at the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad crossing.


For more information on what the Emporia City Commission approved in their latest meeting, please go to http://www.emporia-kansas.gov/ and click on City Commission.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 11 April 2018 10:22