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Emporia City Commission approves new Tri-Party phone agreement

The Emporia City Commission is one step closer to having its new phone system in place.


At Wednesday's action session, the Tri-Party phone agreement was approved. The city will share in the cost along with Lyon County and Newman Regional Health for maintenance and installation of the new software. Former Assistant City Manager Jim Witt says the new serveres are already being tested and programmed.



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The city and county did some cost sharing to purchase the servers at a cost of about $90,000.


Also approved at Wednesday's meeting was a new maintenance agreement with the Emporia Public Library. The contract increased by 2 percent to just over $39,000 due to cost increases for the city. Commissioners awarded a bid for a new pickup for the Water Treatment Plant to be purchased from Clint Bowyer Autoplex at a cost of just over $26,000.


The Emporia City Commission will next meet at 9 a.m. on Dec. 13 for its study session.

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