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Emporia City Commission approves ordinance changes at brief action session

The Emporia City Commission amended three ordinances during a concise action session Wednesday night.

An amendment was approved on the Battery and Domestic Battery Ordinance to add a class of victims. Victims that previously fell under simple battery will now be classified as domestic battery victims if a dating relationship is or has been established with the abuser.

The city approved changes pursuant to state law in the Cruelty to Animals Ordinance, changing the misdemeanor classification from a Class B to a more significant Class A misdemeanor to maintain compliance with state law.

Some minor revisions were made in language to the Disorderly Conduct Ordinance to ensure uniformity with state law by clarifying language and definitions used.

Approval for a bid for a one wheel loader was given by the City Commission. The loader will be used in the Street division for loading rock, sand and chat. The existing loader will be transferred to the Emporia Municipal Airport for general maintenance use.

Lastly, City Commission approved a permanent sidewalk easement for the Hazardous Sidewalk Program. After running into an issue regarding a sidewalk right-of-way during repairs made on the sidewalk at 1714 W. Wilman Court, the contractor worked with the property owner to create a route on private property. The city commission approved the sidewalk easement.


City Commissioners will reconvene for the regularly scheduled June 28 study session next Wednesday.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 11 April 2018 10:22