Firefighters urge extra care with grass fires this week

Area firefighters expect a busy week of grass fires this week.


Grass fires were touched off in abundance starting late last week as a two-week period of occasionally heavy rainfall came to an end. With rain in the forecast from Wednesday through Saturday and with many ranchers hoping to get their cattle on grass by this weekend, a lot of grass fires could be taking place this week.


Emporia Fire Battalion Chief Rich Gould is urging residents planning a burn to keep in mind just how muddy it is after six to nine inches of rain in less than a month. 


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Gould says there will be some situations where fire crews can't safely go into fields because equipment could get stuck. This means backfiring will probably be used more often than under normal situations to control or put out uncontrolled burns.


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Last modified on Wednesday, 11 April 2018 14:04