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Interest high in 2016 election as advance voting period ends

Lyon County's advance voter turnout will surpass 3,000.


Advance voting ended at noon with the in-person count at 2,990. County Clerk Tammy Vopat says that total does not factor in provisionals or mailed ballots. 


A line formed when the Elections Office opened at 8 am and stayed in place until the final advance vote was cast around 12:20 pm. Several people got to the line late and will have to vote at their respective polling places Tuesday.


It's the first time Lyon County's advance vote total surpassed 2,000, let alone reached 3,000-plus. The prior record was set in 2008 when Barack Obama defeated John McCain for his first of two terms in office.


Local political leaders to watch results closely


Leaders in Lyon County's political parties are anxiously awaiting the results of Tuesday night's general election. Lyon County Republican Party chair Peggy Mast has faith the historically conservative and mostly rural state will follow tradition when everything is counted.


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Janet Brassart, the secretary of the Lyon County Democrat Party's executive committee, believes that winning state-level elections is possible, but there could well be some close elections.


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Both Brassart and Mast hope that early voting and last-minute reminders will motivate voters to solidify victory for their respective parties.


Republicans and Democrats will be holding local election watch parties. Republicans wil be at their office at 1120 Commercial Street. Democrats will gather at Best Western, 3021 West Highway 50. The watch parties start at 7 pm.


Voting Tuesday goes from 7 am to 7 pm. Vopat is set to join KVOE's 7:05 am newscast Tuesday. Don't forget KVOE will carry ABC News' live anchored coverage of the presidential election starting at 6 pm, with our coverage of local and area races beginning at 7 pm on 14 KVOE, 96.9 FM and KVOE.com. Sign up for KVOE's Twitter and Facebook pages to get Tuesday night's vote alerts as well.


Injunction permanently strikes down dual voter structure


The state's dual voter registration system is permanently blocked, meaning there's no question on whether voters who registered without ID can vote. They can.


Shawnee County District Judge Larry Hendricks ruled Secretary of State Kris Kobach did not have the authority to create the dual system, which had people without the proper ID having the ability to vote in federal elections but not state or local races.


In his permanent injunction late last week, Hendricks acknowledged what he called legitimate concerns about voter fraud, but he says denying 18,000 people the right to vote fully outweighs the fraud component.


Shawnee County District Court had issued a temporary injunction this past summer, giving those without ID the right to vote in the August primary.


2 pm Saturday: Advance vote Monday could be crowded as early election period ends


Folks wanting to take advantage of the advance voting process Monday won't be alone.


Just in Lyon County, close to 2,800 people have already cast their ballot, crushing the prior record of around 2,000. County Clerk Tammy Vopat says Monday morning will be busy from 8 am to noon, especially after a fairly long line developed Friday afternoon.


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Vopat says her election staffers worked through the day Saturday to finalize all the supplies before those are taken to the polling places as well as ensure the poll book hard copies are ready as well.


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Election Day is Tuesday from 7 am to 7 pm. KVOE will have ABC News' live anchored coverage of the presidential election starting at 6 pm with coverage of local races as well through the evening. Besides our on-air coverage, follow our election coverage on KVOE.com and KVOE social media.

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