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By Alex Turley June 01, 2018 808
DK XL riders take off from the starting line, Friday afternoon at 7th and Mechanic. DK XL riders take off from the starting line, Friday afternoon at 7th and Mechanic. Alex Turley/KVOE News

The Dirty Kanza has grown to an XL this year.

The inaugural DK XL launched Friday afternoon, with 34 elite hand selected gravel riders taking the 350-mile challenge. Riders have until 3 a.m. Sunday to complete the race -- that is 35 hours -- all without the personnel support available in the other DK races that launch Saturday morning.

Local rider and DK 1,000 club member Scott O'Mara told KVOE he looks forward to the time with his brother and the other 32 riders. O'Mara says even after preparing with his brother, anything could happen.

O'Mara's brother, Shawn O'Mara told KVOE mental preparation is critical to get through the race.

Dirty Kanza founder Jim Cummins says the 350-mile distance was considered for the signature race before organizers decided on the 200-mile option instead. Also invited to participate in DK XL, Steve Fuller from Johnson, Iowa talked to KVOE about why he accepted the challenge.

Also invited to participate in DK XL, Corey Godfrey from Lincoln, Nebraska says the heat is the major factor for his preparation

As of 7:30 am Saturday, leaders have continued a brisk pace by passing the 200-mile mark. Several riders have had to drop out due to injury or equipment failure.

The 34 participating in the XL represents the 34 people who rode in the first DK. The other traditional DK races will launch from the 800 block of Commercial beginning at 6 am Saturday. A new race for high school participants will start from Soden's Grove at 10 am Saturday.

Stay with KVOE and for coverage of the Dirty Kanza series of races this weekend. Find out more about and track the 34 DK XL riders online at

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