With questions mounting about county vote totals, Kobach agrees to step back from process Featured

With questions mounting about county vote totals, Kobach agrees to step back from process Courtesy photos

Secretary of State Kris Kobach is recusing himself from the vote counting process as concerns about vote totals increase and the race gets tighter, now three days after the official primary election.

During an interview with CNN, Kobach said he would recuse himself after Gov. Jeff Colyer asked Kobach to stop instructing county election officials on ballot counting procedures. Colyer's request came as reports of tabulating errors came in from several counties, trimming Kobach's lead in the already historically close race for the Republican nomination for governor from 191 to just over 100.

Colyer, who has suggested Attorney General Derek Schmidt should oversee the process from here, also announced the formation of a voter integrity hotline as word of incorrect vote totals spread. In a twist, all three -- Colyer, Kobach and Schmidt -- are the state board of canvassers when gathered in that capacity.

The Secretary of State's Office will have updated numbers on its website, www.kssos.org, on Friday -- including mail-in ballots. State law says those mail ballots have to be counted if they are received through Friday and if they were postmarked by the end of Election Day. The total will not include provisional ballots, and the status of those may not be finalized until Aug. 20.

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Last modified on Friday, 10 August 2018 11:53

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