Upcoming vote canvasses taking on utmost significance with Republican governor candidate not yet decided Featured

Upcoming vote canvasses taking on utmost significance with Republican governor candidate not yet decided KVOE News file photo

Vote canvass activities are taking place across most of the KVOE listening area Monday, and the countywide vote counts are taking on historic significance with the Republican gubernatorial campaign hanging in the balance.

Lyon County's unofficial numbers from Tuesday have Gov. Jeff Colyer leading Secretary of State Kris Kobach by 68 votes out of around 2,100 votes cast just for those candidates and around 3,200 votes for the field. County Clerk Tammy Vopat says Election Office workers have been preparing for Monday's vote canvass since the polls closed Tuesday night.

So far, no area counties have reported any discrepancies in the early vote totals. Reports of incorrect vote totals began surfacing Thursday. Vopat says those likely developed as part of the vote reconciliation process that happens after every election. The Secretary of State's Office asked county election offices to send initial vote totals to Topeka. The state office then types up those numbers and returns them to their respective counties for review, and it was at that point when incorrect numbers were likely discovered.

Lyon County has roughly 130 mail ballots in hand as well as 89 provisional ballots to add to the count. Vopat says voters have to cast provisional ballots if they moved, changed their name, if there was a clerical or polling error or if the voter went to the wrong precinct. Voters who are not registered in Lyon County, who are registered in another county, who moved more than 30 days prior to their vote, who have advance voted and then returned or who do not have the proper signature on their registration information will not have their ballots counted.

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Lyon County's vote canvass is at 9 am Monday in the County Courthouse Commission Chambers. Current unofficial vote totals:

Lyon County

Jim Barnett: 921
Jeff Colyer: 1090
Kris Kobach: 1022
Patrick Kucera: 25
Tyler Ruzich: 16
Ken Selzer: 179
Joseph Tutera: 3

Chase County

Jim Barnett: 105
Jeff Colyer: 188
Kris Kobach: 184
Patrick Kucera: 0
Tyler Ruzich: 1
Ken Selzer: 43
Joseph Tutera: 0

Mail ballots: 3
Provisional ballots: 6
Vote canvass: 9:15 am Monday

Coffey County

Jim Barnett: 215
Jeff Colyer: 571
Kris Kobach: 590
Patick Kucera: 3
Tyler Ruzich: 6
Ken Selzer: 146
Joseph Tutera: 5

Mail ballots: To be determined
Provisional ballots: 22
Vote canvass: 10 am Monday

Greenwood County

Jim Barnett: 111
Jeff Colyer: 478
Kris Kobach: 522
Patrick Kucera: 1
Tyler Ruzich: 1
Ken Selzer: 48
Joseph Tutera: 2

Provisional ballots: 17
Vote canvass: During Greenwood County Commission meeting Monday

Morris County

Jim Barnett: 120
Jeff Colyer: 370
Kris Kobach: 318
Patrick Kucera: 9
Tyler Ruzich: 1
Ken Selzer: 87
Joseph Tutera: 3

Provisional ballots: 18
Vote canvass: 8:30 am Aug. 14

Osage County

Jim Barnett: 287
Jeff Colyer: 840
Kris Kobach: 870
Patrick Kucera: 20
Tyler Ruzich: 12
Ken Selzer: 212
Joseph Tutera: 7

Provisional ballots: 96
Vote canvass: 8:30 am Monday

Wabaunsee County

Jim Barnett: 162
Jeff Colyer: 563
Kris Kobach: 586
Patrick Kucera: 8
Tyler Ruzich: 4
Ken Selzer: 128
Joseph Tutera: 5

Provisional ballots: 34
Vote canvass: Aug. 20

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