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Ongoing drought causing stress on trees KVOE News file photo

Ongoing drought and a handful of strong thunderstorms this past week did some havoc to trees in the area.

Cleanup from Monday's brief microburst in west Emporia was mostly finished by mid-week. Randy Wellnitz, owner of Wellnitz Tree Care in Emporia says for the most part they ran into trees with pre-existing problems and limb damage. Wellnitz says it's always their goal to mitigate potential storm damage to trees.

With ongoing drought continuing, Wellnitz says consistent watering is good for trees. He says there are steps you can take to monitor how dry the soil is around your trees and just how much you should be watering.

On Thursday, the US Drought Monitor had areas north of US Highway 50 in Lyon and Chase counties under extreme and exceptional drought. The rest of the area is in moderate to severe drought.

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Last modified on Friday, 10 August 2018 14:02

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