The Green Door closing

Emporia's recycling climate is undergoing a change.


The Green Door, a fixture in local recycling for nearly a decade, is shutting down. Owner Ben Stallings says he has to step away from the business for personal reasons, and he has to end operations because he has been looking unsuccessfully for a buyer for around a year.


Stallings purchased The Green Door from Rick and Amy Becker, the original owners, in 2012 and also helped with the city's push towards curbside recycling, which debuted nearly two years ago. He has been in talks with the city to see whether it plans to expand the current recycling program to include businesses, and at this time no decision has been made.


Stallings says all customers have been notified, with final pickups taking place soon. Recycling will continue at local schools through the end of the academic year.


The Green Door opened its doors in 2008, following a successful pilot program in 1989.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 11 April 2018 22:18