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The Humane Society is inviting you and your dog to come out for a jog

Emporia is letting the dogs out for a jog


The first annual Dog Jog 5K is this Saturday, with its track going through ESU's Campus Woods. Hosted by the Humane Society of the Flint Hills and the Emporia Kansas Animal Shelter creator of the event Andrew Blackwell, talked inspiration for event.


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 Blackwell says that everyone is welcome, even if you don't have a pup to jog with. Blackwell said that preregistration has hit 60 people, blowing past their goal of 50 individuals.


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Almost all funds will go to the Animal Shelter to help support their operations. Program Director at the Humane Society, Judy Dieker, said the goal is to reduce animals coming back to the shelter.


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The jog starts at 10 am on Saturday, but you can still register up until the start of the race. Entry is $15 and $5 to be entered into the prize drawing.

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