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The Lyon County History Center is showing rare World War One Propaganda art.

The Lyon County History Center is showing The Art of War.


The Lyon County Historical Society has maintained and collected 100 World War One Propaganda Posters over the years, making for a unique exhibit. History Center Director, Greg Jordan, spoke to KVOE about the showcase of rare art.


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The Art of War is one of many exhibits that can be seen in the History Center's new location at 711 Commercial Street. The new location has provided the center with a much larger area to host groups, space they are already going to put to work.


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While Dirty Kanza riders register at the new location, they will be able to see equipment from former DK winners on loan to the center for the event. Jordan says that the center has received a warm welcome from the community.


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Check out explorelyoncounty.org/ for more about the upcoming exhibits at the history center.

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