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The National Youth Catch-Photo-Release fishing contest is about to start

Entry for the forth annual National Youth Catch-Photo-Release fishing Contest is almost open


The contest originally started by Phil Tauntion in Emporia, Kansas as something for just North East Kansas, has rapidly expanded . Taunton Told KVOE that the event's goal is to get young people to spend more time outside with nature


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Taunton said that seeing families is the most rewarding aspect of the event.The event no has weekly prizes and a $9,600 grand prize package will be given away, at the end of the 12 week contest period.


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Taunton started the event in memory of Jim Ramberg, who was a writer for the Topeka-Capital Journal. You can enter to win online at https://www.fishingsfuture.org/content/2017-national-youth-cpr-contest

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