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The Nature Conservancy wins two awards because of partnership with Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

A leading conservation organization received regional and national awards for their partnership with Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.



The Nature Conservancy received two awards this year. The first award is the National Park Service's Midwest Regional Partnership Award for Excellence in Partnering; they also received the 2016 Director's Partnership Award by the Office of Partnerships and Philanthropic Stewardship.


Founding Director of the Kansas Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, Allan Pollum, and current State Director, Rob Manes, received honorary recognitions for their partnership roles at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.


Tallgrass Prairie chief of interpretation Heather Brown says the national preserve has unique public and private partnerships with the National Park Service and the Nature Conservancy. The NPS has the public partnership, while The Nature Conservancy is a private partnernship.


Brown says this combination of public and private alliances makes Tallgrass Prairie truly unique.


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She also tells KVOE News that The Nature Conservancy has done so much since 2005, which made Tallgrass Prairie want to nominate them for the two awards.


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The Nature Conservancy is currenly in their 25th year as a Kansas state program, and they've been a worldwide organization for 65 straight years.


The Nature Conservancy acquired the predominant portion of Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in 2005 because of its exceptional representation of tallgrass prairie. Through the Flint Hills initative, this conservancy is conserving the larger four-million-acre Flint Hills landscape, the last landscape expression of tallgrass prairie.


They own the majority of the land at Tallgrass Prairie, which is almost 11,000 acres. They pay taxes on the land, which goes back to Chase County for potential improvements to the national preserve.


Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve is located two miles north of Strong City on Kansas State Highway 177. You can visit their website at nps.gov/tapr.

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