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The next big benefit run is coming this weekend

The Grimmett Construction Move, Emporia! 10K run, 5K and 2K fun run and walk is Saturday morning

Lead organizer Cassie Crotts says the course is ready to go.



[audio src="https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/kvoe/Audio/2017/September/092717/9143-Cassie+Crotts+course.mp3" preload="metadata"] 


Crotts says all proceeds will be going to the Emporia MUPP Board to aid in their mission of encouraging safely practicing health activities like biking and running through out the city and county. President of the board Mike Wise talked about some of the projects they have already completed.



[audio src="https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/kvoe/Audio/2017/September/092717/9145-Mike+Wise+projects.mp3" preload="metadata"]


The run raised over $5,000 for MUPP board last year, something Crotts and Wise hope they can repeat. Registration will start at 7 A.M. in front of Newman Regional Health Cancer Center, with running starting at 8 A.M.. You can still register in person Saturday morning for $50 for 10K and 5K, and $20 for the 2K.

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