UPDATE: Lots of detours remain in place as rivers slowly subside

Detours are in effect until further notice to steer traffic around flooding just south of Emporia. While Kansas Highway 99 remains closed south of town, the Kansas Turnpike Authority will keep flood gates open near mile marker 120. Detours are in effect until further notice to steer traffic around flooding just south of Emporia. While Kansas Highway 99 remains closed south of town, the Kansas Turnpike Authority will keep flood gates open near mile marker 120. Lyon County Highway Department map

Travel remains a headache for residents across much of the KVOE listening area with significant flooding in place.

Kansas Highway 99 remains closed south of Emporia until further notice with the Cottonwood River showing signs of cresting well above flood stage. Northbound drivers coming into Emporia will have to detour around the flooding by going west on Road 130, north on Road H and west again on Road 140 to connect with the Kansas Turnpike's floodgates. Southbound traffic out of Emporia will need to use the gates near mile marker 120.3 and then take Road 140 east to Road F, turn south to Road 110 and then head east to connect with K-99.

Burlingame Road remains closed from Interstate 35 north to Kansas Highway 99 or Road 240. Other Lyon County closures:

*Road 140 at E, at F, west of K-99
*Road 145 at E
*500 Road 145
*Road 150 West of Hwy 99
*Road 155 West of Hwy 99 and at Road P
*600, 700 blocks Road 170
*400 Road 240
*900 Road 140
*600-700 Road 145
*1300 Road G
*700 Road 160
*400, 500 blocks Road 150
*2400 Road J
*Road 190 & Road M
*Road 200 & Road J
*Road 210 West of Hwy 99
*Road B2 & W Hwy 50
*Road B5 & W Hwy 50
*Road A & W Hwy 50
*Road C & W Hwy 50
*Road L & Road 100 – just east of intersection
*1400 Road 170
*1400-1600 Road M
*Road 160 & Road N
*Road 145 – west of Neosho Rapids
*Road L & Road 100 – just east of intersection
*Road P2 & Road 175
*Road N & Road 170
*Road N5- just north of Road 175
*Road 165 between Road M5 & M7
*Road H2 & W Hwy 56
*Road 190 & Road M – just east of intersection
*Burlingame Rd from Road 180 & Road 240
*S hwy 99 from Emporia to Road 130
*1600 Road G
*Horseshoe (Road G-Road G5, Road 150 and Road 160)
*600-800 Road 160
*800 road 165
*1600 Road H
*400-500 Road 150
*500-700 Road 145
*800 Road 140
*800 Road 150
*1300-1500 Road 150
*Road F5 from Road 215-Road 225
*Road 215 from Road F5-Road J
*Road J from Road 190-Road 215
*1000-1300 Road N
*Road 195 from Road L5-Road M
*Road 190 from Road L-Road L5
*Road 200 from Road L-Road L5
*2100-2400 Road C
*200-600 Road 210


Roads in Chase, Greenwood, Morris and Osage counties are now closed as well. Access to Cedar Point, Dunlap, Quincy and Saffordville remains limited at this time due to flooding near or in the towns.

Chase County

*Norton Creek Road
*W Road between 210 and old 50
*U Road between 210 and old 50
*County Road A North of Highway 50
*County Road B South of Highway 50
*Glandville turnpike at the tracks
*W Road
*Saffordville Road ZZ Road both north and south of Highway 50
*210 road west of Eidmans
*Camp Wood Road west end

Greenwood County

Most low-water crossings are impassable due to heavy rain since last Wednesday, and 100th Road between U and V near Climax is currently closed. Also:

*GG 50 Road north of US 54
*60th Road ½ mile east of K-99
*90th Road ½ mile east of K-99
*Most roads leading to Quincy are closed. The only access is to take US 54 east into Woodson County, go north on Apache Road to 110th Road (Greenwood County 190th Road) and go west into town

Madison-Hamilton area

*380-V (Blakley)
*330-BB50 (Shell Rock)
*360-P (Browning)
*V-310 (Curry)
*300-W (Beeman - 2 bridges)
*280th 1/4 mile E of Hwy 99
*320th -T

Eureka area

*P-130 (State Street)
*150-N (7th Street)
*U-160 (Cheesebuge)
*R50-160 (Richardson)
*270-H (Eldon)
*G-180 (Henderson)

Morris County

*Dunlap Road at Dunlap. This closes the west entrance to Dunlap.

Osage County

*Maple Street east of Quenemo

Flood warnings for Chase and Greenwood counties have been canceled, but river-based flood warnings continue for most of the area.

The Cottonwood River remains in a flood warning from Emporia west to Cottonwood Falls.

Emporia: Warning until Saturday afternoon.
*Current stage: 25.7 feet
*Flood stage: 20 feet
*Estimated crest: 25.8 feet Wednesday morning. Kansas Highway 99’s north bank floods at 25.5 feet, closing the highway in both directions. South bank floods at 24 feet.
*Below flood stage: Saturday morning

Plymouth: Warning until Friday evening
*Current stage: 32.9 feet
*Flood stage: 32 feet
*River crested at 33.9 feet Tuesday.
*Below flood stage: Thursday morning

Cottonwood Falls: Warning Friday morning
*Current stage: 8.7 feet
*Flood stage: 9 feet
*Estimated crest: 9.2 feet Wednesday
*Below flood stage: Thursday afternoon

The Neosho River remains in a warning from Americus to Neosho Rapids

Americus: Warning until Wednesday night
*Current stage: 26.6 feet
*Flood stage: 26 feet
*Estimated crest: 27.5 feet Wednesday afternoon, revised down from prior forecast of 28.2 feet Wednesday morning. At 27 feet, Americus Road floods two miles south of Americus. The current forecast would be the ninth-highest on record for the gauge if the forecast holds.
*Below flood stage: Wednesday afternoon

3 miles northwest of Emporia: Warning until Thursday afternoon
*Current stage: 23.4 feet
*Flood stage: 19 feet
*Estimated crest: 23 feet by midnight. At 19.5 feet, Prairie Street floods north of the Neosho River bridge.
*Below flood stage: Wednesday night

Neosho Rapids: Warning until Saturday afternoon
*Current stage: 26.4 feet
*Flood stage: 22 feet
*Estimated crest: 27.3 feet by midnight. Neosho covers large areas over both banks at 26 feet and overtops Road 145 on the west side of the Neosho Rapids river bridge at 23 feet.
*Below flood stage: Friday morning

Marais des Cygnes near Quenemo: Warning until Wednesday night
*Current stage: 17.5 feet
*Flood stage: 17 feet
*River crested at 21.1 feet Tuesday
*Below flood stage: Wednesday morning

Public Works Director Frank Abart says the city's stormwater drainage system held up remarkably well, given the 10-plus inches of rainfall in Emporia over the past week -- and given Abart's assertion that no system is designed to handle that amount of rain in a given week.


There was one water-related road closure earlier this week at South Avenue near Prairie.

Abart says the city system is improved from where it was three years ago, although it's not perfect.

There also have been some times when the Wastewater Treatment Plant gets enough water where it has to release some into the Cottonwood River nearby.

Schedule adjustments

*Food pantry at Americus United Methodist Church was closed Tuesday night but will open Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.
*Dine United at Olpe Chicken House has been moved to Thursday, November 1st due to the flooding and road closures.

We'll keep you posted on KVOE, KVOE.com and KVOE social media. If you have rain totals or schedule adjustments, call KVOE at 342-1400.

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Photos by Bruce Urschel

Photos by Jesse Dains

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