Election 2018: Kelly defeats Kobach for governor, area special questions pass Featured

Lyon County Clerk Tammy Vopat (standing) confers with Deputy Election Officer Amie Jackson shortly after the polls closed Tuesday. Lyon County Clerk Tammy Vopat (standing) confers with Deputy Election Officer Amie Jackson shortly after the polls closed Tuesday. Tagan Trahoon/KVOE News

For the first time in nearly a decade, a Democrat will sit in the Kansas governor's chair.

Democrat Laura Kelly, a Topeka lawmaker, has defeated a crowded field to become the state's next governor. She called her victory the result of "a wave of common sense."

Kelly benefited from a host of prominent Republicans crossing party lines to support her campaign instead of the campaign for Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who had defeated sitting governor Jeff Colyer in a tight primary battle this past August.

Independent Greg Orman was hoping to have a strong showing, but his campaign faltered early and never gained much momentum.

Kelly becomes the first Democrat to lead Kansas since Mark Parkinson succeeded Kathleen Sebelius, another Democrat, in 2009. Parkinson decided against running for a full term in 2010 and was succeeded by Republican Sam Brownback.

For state position races, however, Republicans fared well, claiming Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer and Insurance Commissioner positions. At the federal level, Republican Roger Marshall defeated Democrat challenger Alan LaPolice for the First Congressional District seat involving Lyon, Chase, Morris and Wabaunsee counties. For the Fourth District involving Greenwood County, Republican Ron Estes defeated Democrat James Thompson. Republican Steve Watkins, a political newcomer, defeated Democrat Paul Davis for the Second District seat representing Coffey and Osage counties.

In the Statehouse, 51st District Representative Ron Highland, a Republican, defeated Democrat Noah Wright. He says there is a lot of work ahead for the 2019 session, notably with education funding.

Areawide, proponents of special questions in Lyon and Greenwood counties were successful. Americus voters passed a half-cent sales tax for recreation enhancements, while Neosho Rapids voters approved a one-cent sales tax for street improvements. Greenwood County voters also approved a measure to expand the County Commission from three seats to five and a half-cent sales tax to benefit accounts payable at Greenwood County Hospital.

Turnout was stronger than expected across the KVOE listening area. Original projections pegged turnout at between 45 and 50 percent across the state, but Lyon County had 53 percent turnout, Coffey County had 57 percent turnout and Chase County was projecting turnout between 60 and 70 percent. Lyon County Clerk Tammy Vopat:

Unofficial results will be certified over the next two weeks across the state.

Here are the final unofficial results from the KVOE listening area:

Lyon County

Laura Kelly/Lynn Rogers (D) 5537
Kris Kobach/Wink Hartman (R) 3849
Jeff Caldwell/Mary Gerlt (L) 250
Rick Kloos/Nathaniel Kloos (I) 88
Greg Orman/Jon Doll (I) 917

Secretary of State
Brian McClendon (D) 4090
Scott Schwab (R) 4184 
Rob Hodgkinson (L) 411

Attorney General
Sarah Swain (D) 4380
Derek Schmidt (R) 6156

Marci Francisco (D) 4434
Jake LaTurner (R) 5991

Insurance Commissioner
Nathaniel McLaughlin (D) 3777
Vicki Schmidt (R) 6643

51st District Kansas House
Noah Wright (D) 185
Ron Highland (R) 435

60th District Kansas House
Mark Schreiber (R) 6286
Write-in 228

76th District Kansas House
Eric Smith (R) 2151
Write-in 79

US House First District
Alan LaPolice (D) 4792
Roger Marshall (R) 5739

KS Board of Education
James Hannon (D) 6241
Ben Jones (R) 4185

Judicial retention
Lee Fowler

Doug Jones

Lyon County Commission
Scott Briggs (D) 2812
Write-in 80

Sales Tax Questions
Yes 198
No 101

Neosho Rapids-Streets
Yes 73
No 27

Chase County

Laura Kelly/Lynn Rogers (D) 437
Kris Kobach/Wink Hartman (R) 637
Jeff Caldwell/Mary Gerlt (L) 33
Rick Kloos/Nathaniel Kloos (I) 4
Greg Orman/Jon Doll (I) 85

Secretary of State
Brian McClendon (D) 408
Scott Schwab (R) 737
Rob Hodgkinson (L) 39

Attorney General
Sarah Swain (D) 278
Derek Schmidt (R) 871

Marci Francisco (D) 309
Jake LaTurner (R) 867

Insurance Commissioner
Nathaniel McLaughlin (D) 260
Vicki Schmidt (R) 899

Chase County Commission
Cindy Hoedel (D) 119
Randy Talkington (R) 292

US House First District
Alan LaPolice (D) 372
Roger Marshall (R) 808

KS Board of Education
James Hannon (D) 429
Ben Jones (R) 740

Coffey County

Laura Kelly/Lynn Rogers (D) 1065
Kris Kobach/Wink Hartman (R) 1902
Jeff Caldwell/Mary Gerlt (L) 89
Rick Kloos/Nathaniel Kloos (I) 34
Greg Orman/Jon Doll (I) 332

Secretary of State
Brian McClendon (D) 988
Scott Schwab (R) 2271
Rob Hodgkinson (L) 129

Attorney General
Sarah Swain (D) 648
Derek Schmidt (R) 2754

Marci Francisco (D) 768
Jake LaTurner (R) 2607

Insurance Commissioner
Nathaniel McLaughlin (D) 607
Vicki Schmidt (R) 2742

US House 2nd District
Paul Davis (D) 880
Kelly Standley (L) 222
Steve Watkins (R) 2280

KS House 76th District
Eric Smith (R) 3108
Write-ins 48

Greenwood County

Laura Kelly/Lynn Rogers (D) 650
Kris Kobach/Wink Hartman (R) 1205
Jeff Caldwell/Mary Gerlt (L) 47
Rick Kloos/Nathaniel Kloos (I) 11
Greg Orman/Jon Doll (I) 205

Secretary of State
Brian McClendon (D) 575
Scott Schwab (R) 1439
Rob Hodgkinson (L) 68

Attorney General
Sarah Swain (D) 432
Derek Schmidt (R) 1663

Marci Francisco (D) 458
Jake LaTurner (R) 1608

Insurance Commissioner
Nathaniel McLaughlin (D) 414
Vicki Schmidt (R) 1635

Special Questions
County Commission Expansion
Yes 1089
No 942

Greenwood County Hospital Sales Tax
Yes 1394
No 672

US House 4th District
Ron Estes (R) 1598
James Thompson (D) 497

Morris County

Laura Kelly/Lynn Rogers (D) 883
Kris Kobach/Wink Hartman (R) 1087
Jeff Caldwell/Mary Gerlt (L) 27
Rick Kloos/Nathaniel Kloos (I) 15
Greg Orman/Jon Doll (I) 196

Secretary of State
Brian McClendon (D) 706
Scott Schwab (R) 1384
Rob Hodgkinson (L) 77

Attorney General
Sarah Swain (D) 534
Derek Schmidt (R) 1636

Marci Francisco (D) 543
Jake LaTurner (R) 1606

Insurance Commissioner
Nathaniel McLaughlin (D) 406
Vicki Schmidt (R) 1737

US House First District
Alan LaPolice (D) 630
Roger Marshall (R) 1525

KS Board of Education
James Hannon (D) 744
Ben Jones (R) 1367

Osage County

Laura Kelly/Lynn Rogers (D) 2479
Kris Kobach/Wink Hartman (R) 2903
Jeff Caldwell/Mary Gerlt (L) 128
Rick Kloos/Nathaniel Kloos (I) 62
Greg Orman/Jon Doll (I) 606

Secretary of State
Brian McClendon (D) 2253
Scott Schwab (R) 3571
Rob Hodgkinson (L) 289

Attorney General
Sarah Swain (D) 1682
Derek Schmidt (R) 4454

Marci Francisco (D) 1704
Jake LaTurner (R) 4356

Insurance Commissioner
Nathaniel McLaughlin (D) 1342
Vicki Schmidt (R) 4720

US House 2nd District
Paul Davis (D) 2160
Kelly Standley (L) 370
Steve Watkins (R) 3600

54th District KS House
Sarah Coats (D) 1003
Ken Corbet (R) 1785

59th District KS House
Blaine Finch (R) 989
John Hall (D) 360

Wabaunsee County

Laura Kelly/Lynn Rogers (D) 1221
Kris Kobach/Wink Hartman (R) 1555
Jeff Caldwell/Mary Gerlt (L) 37
Rick Kloos/Nathaniel Kloos (I) 26
Greg Orman/Jon Doll (I) 257

Secretary of State
Brian McClendon (D) 998
Scott Schwab (R) 142
Rob Hodgkinson (L) 1891

Attorney General
Sarah Swain (D) 729
Derek Schmidt (R) 2327

Marci Francisco (D) 691
Jake LaTurner (R) 2327

Insurance Commissioner
Nathaniel McLaughlin (D) 546
Vicki Schmidt (R) 2435

Kansas House 51st District
Noah Wright (D) 964
Ron Highland (R) 2085

US House First District
Alan LaPolice (D) 842
Roger Marshall (R) 2204

KS Board of Education
James Hannon (D) 338
Ben Jones (R) 724


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