Approval of purchases main topic of discussion during Lyon County Commission Action Session Featured

County Commissioners overhear the proposal from Roxanne Van Gundy during Thursday's session County Commissioners overhear the proposal from Roxanne Van Gundy during Thursday's session Tagan Trahoon/KVOE News

Approval and discussion of current and future potential purchases highlighted the Lyon County Commission's action session Thursday morning.

After impressive voter turnout for the general election Tuesday, Lyon County Clerk Tammy Vopat discussed her desire of purchasing additional voting equipment for future elections. With 53 percent voter turnout, 11 percent of which came from advance voting, Vopat explained she plans to continue offering and hopefully expand the new Saturday voting option.

Vopat explains more equipment would aid in this venture, however, there is currently no major plan on how to fund the purchase. She says one possible route would be through federal funding.


HAVA or the Help America Vote Act, provides funding to states to aid in purchasing new voting equipment, meet standards and improve election administration. Use of the funds would help to decrease the cost of new equipment incurred by the County.

Vopat adds at this point the acquisition of more equipment is just a desire and she does not expect a proposal to be ready any time soon.

Also on the agenda was the approval of a purchase request from the Lyon County Emergency Communications Center. The purchase is for the installation of new firewall software as the city recently updated systems and equipment for the department.

Emergency Communications Center Director Roxanne Van Gundy explains this is just a routine update which commonly occurs every five years to replace outdated software, and there is no immediate concern of a cybersecurity issue.


The total cost of the new software is $25,000 and is being split into three equal payments of $6,833.33 between the City, Lyon County Emergency Communications Center and Lyon County Sheriff’s Office.

In other business, Commissioners approved two entrance applications from Lyon County Engineer Chip Woods, one for the 3000 Block of Prairie Street and the other for the 2100 Block of Road 170. 5th Judicial District Court Administrator Ruth Wheeler also sought approval on a purchase of 12 scanners for the District Court Clerk's office in the amount of $10,620.

All items were approved. The County Commission's next meeting will take place Thursday Nov. 15 at 8 a.m. inside the County Courthouse.

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