Probation for Peres after pleading no contest to meth trafficking conspiracy at Lyon County Jail Featured

Angela Peres. Angela Peres. Kansas Department of Corrections photos

One of several people convicted earlier this year of trafficking contraband into the Lyon County Jail is receiving probation as a sentence.

Angela Peres was sentenced Wednesday to 18 months probation with an underlying prison term of 10 months. She also has to spend 60 days in jail as part of her sentence.

Peres pleaded in October to a count of conspiracy to traffic contraband into the Lyon County Jail. She allegedly hid a small amount of methamphetamine in a body cavity before bringing the drugs into the jail and then passing them to fellow inmates in February.

Several fellow inmates have already been sentenced as part of the overall case. Earlier this fall, Peres' cellmate, Patty Rangel, pleaded no contest to a conspiracy to traffic contraband charge and was sentenced to probation with an underlying 14-month prison term. Co-defendant Rebecca Berkenmeier pleaded no contest to attempted trafficking in a correctional facility and was sentenced to probation with an underlying 12-month prison term. Another co-defendant, Valerie Carrion, pleaded no contest to attempted trafficking and received prison time due to a longer criminal history.

This isn't the first trafficking case against Peres. She was originally charged with trafficking after a case developed in December 2016, but she eventually pleaded no contest to simple possession in that case. Peres recently had an appeal denied in late October by the Kansas Court of Appeals after she allegedly violated her probation terms in that 2016 case.

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