Temporary visitation restrictions begin at Newman Regional Health Featured

Temporary visitation restrictions begin at Newman Regional Health Centers for Disease Control and Prevention graphic.

Influenza is spreading rapidly, both locally and nationally. With that in mind, Newman Regional Health has enacted its annual patient visitation restrictions.

Currently, restrictions are limited to the Labor and Delivery/Obstetrics, or fourth floor. Children under age 12 should not be brought to the hospital for visits. Siblings will be allowed as long as they have been screened by a staff nurse for cold or fever symptoms.

Chief Operating Officer Julia Pyle says this is a common procedure for hospitals as they protect women and children needing inpatient care.

Hospital administrators are also asking residents to stay away from the facility if they have a fever, sore throat or diarrhea -- or have been exposed to somebody with those symptoms within the last seven days. Healthy visitors are asked to wash their hands with alcohol foam cleaners or soap and water. Administrators also remind residents it’s necessary to practice safe and healthy visitation guidelines for both patients and visitors.

Fourth-floor restrictions are in place until further notice.

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