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One man who pleaded guilty to child sex abuse in Lyon County over six years ago before trying to withdraw his plea last year did not find favor with the Kansas Court of Appeals.

Clinton Rife pleaded guilty to aggravated liberties in October 2012. In January 2018, he filed a motion to withdraw that plea. District court denied the motion because it was untimely and Rife did not demonstrate how so-called excusable neglect caused the filing to be late.

Rife was sentenced to life in prison with parole possible in 25 years. As part of his request to withdraw the plea, Rife said he was under stress and strain due to medication adjustments, counsel failed to schedule a mental examination, he was rushed into accepting his plea and he could not communicate with his defense team.

The Court of Appeals agrees with district court that Rife's appeal was well past the 12-month maximum allowed for filing. It also says Rife failed to demonstrate any factual basis for excusable neglect.

Rife had originally been charged with two indecent liberties counts against the same child, but prosecutors dropped one count as part of the plea.

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