Guillen set for sentencing Tuesday in Lyon County District Court Featured

Luis Guillen Luis Guillen Lyon County Jail Photo

Sentencing is coming Tuesday for one of five defendants in a drug distribution case which developed last fall.

Luis Guillen pleaded to a charge of drug possession with intent to distribute in February. Guillen was originally charged with distribution within 1,000 feet of a school and was set for trial in February before reaching the plea agreement in his case.

Guillen will become the third person to be sentenced in the case following co-defendants Amanda Alvarado who was given 18 months probation with an underlying 17-month prison term in March. Cole Bowen was convicted of meth possession with intent to distribute and paraphernalia possesion in March as well. Two other individuals are also awaiting sentencing in the case they include Seanna Herron on charges of possession with intent to distribute and Jacob Rodriguez on charges of drug distribution.

Charges were announced in September after an investigation by the Emporia Police Department came to light.  Sentencing is set for 1:15 pm in front of Judge Jeffry Larson.  

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