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Handful of Lyon County roads reopen after recent flood; still over 15 roads and intersections closed Featured

Now that flooding has ended and it appears the next week or so will be dry, the Lyon County Highway Department is making headway with reopening a lot of flood-damaged roads near the Cottonwood and Neosho Rivers.

The department officially reopened six road segments or intersections Wednesday:

*Road 150 from J to Kansas Highway 99; from P to T
*Road 160 from F to J
*Road G from 160 to 170
*Road J from 140 to 160
*Road M from 140 to 150

There are still better than 15 road segments and intersections closed after flooding ended earlier this week:

*Road 150 from E to F; west of M; from N to P
*Road 155 west of Highway 99
*Road A from 155 to US Highway 50
*Road E north of 145
*Road G from 40 to 50; north of 140; south of 160; from 170 to 180
*Road G5 south of 160
*Road H north of 140; from 160 to 170
*Road J from 190 to 210
*Road K from 140 to 155
*Road S from 150 to 160

We'll keep you updated on KVOE and

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Last modified on Friday, 12 July 2019 16:49