New safety campaign aimed at reducing stop arm violations near school buses Featured

New safety campaign aimed at reducing stop arm violations near school buses KVOE News file photo

It may seem like common sense to stop whenever a school bus is halted with red lights flashing and stop arm extended. Unfortunately, a lot of people in Kansas aren't using common sense in those situations.

Statistics from the Kansas State Department of Education bear that out. Just this past April, there were over 1,000 stop arm violations, up slightly from April 2018 and up over 300 from April 2017.

With that in mind, the Department of Education is launching a new safety campaign: "Stop on Red, Kids Ahead." USD 253 Transportation Director Becky Douglas says this is a good idea.

The new state campaign includes news releases, social media reminders, posters, flyers, handouts and bumper stickers.

Douglas says the district had 350 violations during the 2018-2019 school year, or just under two per day, and she says this has been a steady concern throughout her 35-year career in transportation. There can be some areas of town which have more violations than others.

State law orders drivers to stop when approaching a school bus that's displaying flashing red lights and extending the stop arm. Drivers also have to remain stopped until the red lights are turned off and the stop arm is in its normal position. Fines and court costs in excess of $400 are possible for violators.

Click here for more information about state stop arm violation numbers.
Click here for a link to the Department of Education's brochure on school bus safety.


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