UPDATE: Power fully restored following separate outages in KVOE listening area Saturday Featured

UPDATE: Power fully restored following separate outages in KVOE listening area Saturday Westar Energy map

Power has been restored after four Lyon County towns were left without power Saturday afternoon.

According to Westar Energy, a bird which got into a substation was the cause of an outage which developed around 11 am affecting both Americus and Bushong. Over 700 customers were initially affected by the outage.

Separately an outage developed around 1 pm affecting customers in Allen and Admire. Close to 160 customers were without power for a short time. According to Westar Energy, while crews were transferring power to one circuit another overloaded leading to the outage.

Crews had power fully restored in all towns just before 4:30 pm.

3 pm Saturday: Over 400 Westar customers in, near Americus still without power: 

Power outages for several Lyon County towns have been restored, but folks in and around Americus are still offline.

Westar Energy is fixing equipment damaged by a bird shortly after 11 am. That outage still affects nearly 250 customers in the east half of Americus and rural customers near the east edge of town.

A second outage now affects about 215 customers from the west half of Americus west to near Lake Kahola. The cause of the second outage has not been announced.

Earlier, a sizeable outage affected Americus north to Bushong, affecting over 450 Westar customers. That outage was related to the bird situation near Americus. Another outage developed along US Highway 56 from Allen to Miller, impacting over 160 customers after a circuit overloaded. Those outages have been resolved.

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2 pm Saturday: Power outages affect Admire, Allen, Americus, Bushong

Four Lyon County towns have been either completely or partially without power Saturday afternoon.

Two outages developed around 11 am, with the impact stretching along the Americus Road from Americus to Bushong. Both towns are without power after a bird got into a substation. Over 550 customers are offline after over 700 were initially involved.

A separate outage developed around 1 pm along the US Highway 56 corridor between Allen and Miller. Close to 160 customers have been offline, and Westar currently says around 120 are still offline, with customers affected in Allen and Admire as well as rural areas nearby. A circuit overloaded while Westar was transferring power to another circuit.

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1:15 pm Saturday: Over 800 Westar customers offline in Lyon County

Significant power outages are impacting northwest Lyon County.

Most of Americus is currently without power at this time due to both outages, which are related to a bird getting into some substation equipment shortly after 11 am. There is an outage that stretches along Road 240 about three miles east of Americus. Another outage goes north from Americus to Bushong and northwest near Northern Heights High School.

Over 700 customers are impacted by those two outages.

A third outage developed around 1 pm along US Highway 56 from Admire to Miller. Most of Admire is offline with nearly 120 customers affected. A cause has not been determined.

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