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Was World War I really a four-year war? Featured

By Tacey Kaiser November 07, 2019 286
Was World War I really a four-year war? Tacey Kaiser/KVOE News

The Veterans Roundtable held its annual discussion on Thursday with the Treaty of Versailles in the spotlight.

The Veterans Roundtable began in 2002 and continues to serve as an outlet for community members to come together in discussing staples of our history. The event is sponsored by Emporia State University's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Department of Social Sciences. This year's presentation was titled "1919 Treaty of Versailles: What it says and the consequences."

The Treaty of Versailles - signed in 1919 - is the peace treaty that brought an end to World War I. It sounds great in theory, but Emporia State Professor of History Gregory Schneider says that's not the case.

The treaty caused economic issues across Europe setting the stage for the Great Depression and eventually a second World War.

The consequences of the treaty are far more extensive than some might believe. Schneider explains how the world is still dealing with repercussions.

The Veterans Roundtable is part of Emporia's All Veterans Tribute running into mid-November. To see the tribute itinerary in full, go online to

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