Emporia FD urging safety with turkey frying, space heaters this weekend Featured

Emporia FD urging safety with turkey frying, space heaters this weekend KVOE News file photo

The last thing you need on Thanksgiving -- or any time of year, for that matter -- is some sort of disaster like a fire. And Emporia Fire Marshal Reason Bradford had some safety tips for the holiday during KVOE's Morning Show this week.

Turkey frying has become a popular alternative to the traditional oven-baked or roasting method, but there are a lot of potential hazards. Bradford says it's an activity that should take place outside as opposed to inside, whether in a garage or a house.

Turkeys should be thawed and then dried as best as possible before going into the hot grease. The fryer, meanwhile, should not be overfilled with grease and the grease should not be overheated.

If a fire develops, do not try to put it out with water. You may have enough baking soda or salt to put out the fire, but you may well have to use a dry chemical fire extinguisher instead.

This is also the time of year where space heaters start getting used a lot, but Bradford says the combination of space heaters and power strips is a bad idea because of the amount of electricity needed by the space heaters.

Bradford also said space heaters need a lot of clear space around them so cooler air can circulate through them and avert an excess heat buildup.

If you have more questions, call the Fire Department at 343-4230 or 340-6350.

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