More water main breaks noted; city trying new approach to gauge sewer blockages

If you thought there were a lot of significant water main breaks in Emporia last year, you were right. And if you thought there were just a lot of water main breaks in general, you were right again.


In fact, a study done by the city's Public Works Department shows an increasing number of water main failures the past two years after water main breaks were steady in 2012 and 2013. Department director Frank Abart says there are two main reasons for the failures.


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In all, there were 50 water main breaks last year after 40 in 2015 and 26 in 2014. June was the worst month last year with 10 failures. There were also nine breaks in August and eight each in January and November.


In 2014, October had the most at 11. June had 10.


2017 is off to a fast start. The city has averaged five water main failures the past three Januarys but already has over 10 this month.


Acoustic inspection to be used on sanitary sewer lines


The city is assessing a long-term plan for replacing water mains. Separately, it's also planning to try a new approach to gauging whether sanitary sewer lines are blocked and, if so, to what extent. Abart says the city may well be the first in Kansas to try acoustic inspection.


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The process could well begin next week locally and is widespread across the East Coast. 


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Last modified on Wednesday, 11 April 2018 22:25