Wind wrap: Over 1,500 energy customers lose power as winds top 60 mph Sunday Featured

Wind wrap: Over 1,500 energy customers lose power as winds top 60 mph Sunday KVOE News file photo

High winds caused a number of power outages over the weekend, including a trio of big outages affecting Chase County customers early Sunday.

Over 1,000 customers lost power, with outages in Cottonwood Falls and Strong City as well as an outage that stretched from those two towns to the southwest along US Highway 50. That outage affected residents in Cedar Point, Clements and Elmdale among other areas. Power was offline for around four hours before it was restored around noon.

The high winds disrupted circuits, according to Evergy spokesperson Katie McDonald, but did not knock over any poles. A full damage report is pending.

Another 500-plus Lyon-Coffey Rural Electric customers lost power southwest of Emporia on Sunday. Power was off for about two hours before it came back online.

Smaller, isolated outages were noted in Emporia and Council Grove on Sunday and in Emporia as well as Madison on Saturday.

Another concern was wind-driven fires, but fire activity was minimal. Emporia Fire went to Camp Alexander shortly after 1 pm after a brush pile fire near the pond got out of control and pushed northeast to Road P5 before it was put out. The fire burned about two acres but did not affect any structures and caused no injuries.

Most of the weekend wind gusts were in the 40- to 50-mph range, but the National Weather Service recorded a 61 mph gust at the Emporia Municipal Airport shortly before 6 am Sunday. Matfield Green had a 62-mph gust shortly before 11 am, while Eureka had wind gusts between 50 and 53 mph at times both weekend days and Coffey County Airport had a gust over 50 mph Saturday. By comparison, the threshold for severe thunderstorm activity is 58 mph.

A much calmer week awaits. We'll keep you updated on KVOE, and KVOE social media. Click here for KVOE's prior coverage.


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