Local retailers are all stocked up and ready for the day of love Friday Featured

Local retailers are all stocked up and ready for the day of love Friday KVOE News File Photo

We're all familiar with the term "labor of love" but for several local businesses this term takes on a whole new meaning especially on Valentine's Day.

Labor is exactly what all the local flower shops have been doing the past several months in preparation for the multitude of orders and floral arrangements that accompany Valentine's Day. According to Sharon Ewing of Designs by Sharon, they begin to see flower orders pop up right around Christmas time.

Ewing says preparations typically begin two-weeks before Valentine's Day arrives. According to Ewing, she and her staff are in early and go home late after spending days preparing a multitude of containers, vases, bows, delivery routes and of course a shop full of flowers.

Ewing adds this is not accounting for last-minute orders which come in on the day itself. Thankfully she says after going through 43 years of Valentine's Day rushes she has learned to just "go with the flow."


It may come as a surprise to no one that the most popular flower to fly off store shelves are roses. Vickie Triemer of Riverside Garden Florist says this is a particularly popular choice amongst men for their significant other.

According to Triemer this year they will have a record number of roses, a little over 2,000 to be exact, leave their shop. Triemer says Valentine's Day is always an exciting time for her because she enjoys seeing people's expressions of love not only for their significant others but for all of their loved ones as well.


If you're one of those looking to add a little something extra to your Valentine's Day gift then you're in luck thanks to the folks at the Sweet Granada and Kari's Diamonds and Bridal. Kim Redeker of the Sweet Granada says Valentine's Day is much like the Super Bowl for chocolate shops.

According to Redeker, they begin preparing for the day just shortly after Christmas to make sure they are well stocked for anyone and everyone looking to make the special day just a little bit sweeter. She calls it an all hands on deck day.


Redeker says the most popular item in their store are their chocolate-dipped strawberries and says they dip around 5,500 to 6,000 berries each year. Kari's owner Kari Stookey says when it comes to the shinier gift options the most popular choice, to no surprise, are diamonds.


Ewing, Triemer, Stookey and Redeker all add while they receive several orders and purchases in advance of the holiday they're also ready to help meet the needs of anyone searching for last-minute ideas. If you would like their help in making Valentine's day even more special contact Kari's at 620-342-3899, the Sweet Granada at 342-9600, Riverside Garden Florist at 620-342-5457 or Designs by Sharon at 620-342-6868.

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