CORONAVIRUS: No trials? No matter -- Lyon County Attorney's Office remains busy Featured

Lyon County Attorney Marc Goodman Lyon County Attorney Marc Goodman KVOE News file photo

Coronavirus may have shut down the Lyon County Courthouse, but the wheels of justice are still spinning inside.

On KVOE's Newsmaker 2 segment Tuesday, County Attorney Marc Goodman said his office stands fully staffed to set the table for trials once everything gets back to normal. Goodman also dispelled a range of rumors that began swirling last week about nonviolent offenders being universally released.

There were individual case reviews and District Court had to conclude offenders were not a public safety risk before it agreed to release the prisoners on own-recognizance bonds.

Several types of hearings, like preliminary hearings, and jury trials have been continued past July 1, but first appearances are still allowed as part of a long list "emergency operations" that also includes bond hearings, warrants, juvenile detention hearings, protection from abuse orders and isolation or quarantine hearings.

Once the situation eases, Goodman anticipates an overloaded docket as paused cases resume and new cases come into the system.

If a shelter-in-place order is enacted, which is possible, Goodman says concerns about travel restrictions may be overblown. 

Goodman also says the list of essential or critical businesses may vary but could be longer than some people expect.

Residents are asked to call 341-3263 with questions for the County Attorney's Office.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 24 March 2020 11:59