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Governor Laura Kelly has set the framework for counties planning to enact shelter-in-place orders.

As indicated Monday, the governor issued an executive order counties have to use before determining whether a stay-at-home order is necessary for their residents. The Kansas Essential Functions Framework, as it’s called, mandates residents not leave their homes unless they are “engaged in activities that are essential to the health and safety of themselves, family members or friends.” Medical attention, grocery purchases or gas purchases would be on so-called essential activity lists.

Kelly says KEFF was developed using national critical function guidelines for pandemic or significant disaster response as the foundation. It focuses on four specific areas -- Connect, Distribute, Manage, Supply -- for critical or essential functions that are exempt from shelter-in-place orders. The list is as follows:

KEFF 100: Connect

1. Operate Core Information Technology Networks
2. Provide Cable Access Network Services
3. Provide Internet Based Content Information and Communication Services
4. Provide Internet Routing, Access, and Connection Services
5. Provide Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Services
6. Provide Radio Broadcast Access Network Services (including Traditional Television)
7. Provide Satellite Access Network Services
8. Provide Wireless Access Network Services
9. Provide Wireline Access Network Services

KEFF 200: Distribute

1. Distribute Electricity
2. Maintain Supply Chains for Essential Functions and Critical Infrastructure (as defined by DHS)
3. Transmit Electricity
4. Transport Cargo and Passengers by Air
5. Transport Cargo and Passengers by Rail
6. Transport Cargo and Passengers by Road
7. Transport Cargo and Passengers by Vessel
8. Transport Materials by Pipeline
9. Transport Passengers by Mass Transit

KEFF 300: Manage

1. Conduct Eletions
2. Operate Media Outlets
3. Develop and Maintain Public Works and Services
4. Educate and Train Essential Functions Personnel
5. Enforce Law
6. Maintain Access to Medical Records
7. Manage Hazardous Waste and Materials
8. Manage Wastewater
9. Operate Government
10. Perform Cyber Incident Management Capabilities
11. Prepare for and Manage Emergencies
12. Preserve Constitutional Rights
13. Protect Sensitive Informatin
14. Provide and Maintain Critical Infrastructure
15. Provide Capital Markets and Investment Activities
16. Provide Consumer and Commercial Banking Services
17. Provide Funding and Liquidity Services
18. Provide Identity Management and Associated Trust Support Services
19. Provide Insurance Services
20. Provide Medical Care and Services (including Mortuary Services)
21. Provide Payment, Clearing and Settlement Services
22. Provide Public Safety
23. Provide Wholesale Funding
24. Store Fuel and Maintain Reserves
25. Support Community Health and Mental Health Services

KEFF 400: Supply

1. Exploration and Extraction of Fuels
2. Fuel Refining and Processing Fuels
3. Generate Electricity
4. Manufacture Equipment Used for Essential Functions or Critical Infrastructure (as defined by DHS)
5. Produce and Provide Agricultural Products and Services
6. Produce and Provide Human and Animal Food Products and Services
7. Produce Chemicals
8. Provide Metals and Materials
9. Provide Housing
10. Provide Information Technology Products and Services
11. Provide Materiel and Operational Support to Defense
12. Research and Development
13. Supply Water

Click here for the executive order, including the list of exempt functions.

Lyon County is considering such a move. Morris County announced a shelter-in-place order shortly before the governor made an announcement.

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