CORONAVIRUS: Coffey County announces stay-at-home order Featured

CORONAVIRUS: Coffey County announces stay-at-home order Coffey County Health graphic

Coffey County has issued a 30-day stay-at-home order starting just after midnight Thursday despite no confirmed cases.

Coffey County Health Officer Dr. John Shell:

The Coffey County order reflects recent confirmed cases in Lyon and Woodson counties nearby. It ends visitation at Coffey County Hospital, The Meadows and Sunset Manor with a handful of exceptions, including labor and delivery, pediatrics and end-of-life care. It also says local residents can leave their homes for essential activities or if they are identified as "critical infrastructure workers" -- and it spells out a long list of essential businesses for the county. Restaurants and other facilities serving food and/or drink must close unless they can provide carryout, drive-through and delivery options.

Statewide, there are just under 100 cases, including three deaths.

Click here for the link including Coffey County's COVID-19 information.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 25 March 2020 13:48