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CORONAVIRUS: Governor responds to legislature's action during near 24-hour veto session Featured

Governor Laura Kelly issues her remarks to the Kansas Legislature Friday. Governor Laura Kelly issues her remarks to the Kansas Legislature Friday. Facebook Screenshot Image

"The most embarrassing, irresponsible display of governing that we have witnessed throughout this ordeal." those were just some of the words used by Governor Laura Kelly to describe the Kansas legislature's recent veto session during her regular news briefing Friday afternoon.


During a near 24-hour final session the state legislature passed a plethora of legislative pieces including measures that would limit Governor Kelly's emergency powers. The plan supported by Republicans would force the governor to turn to the Legislature for permission to use broad emergency powers starting June 1 after the current state of emergency ends May 31.

Kelly's frustration lies not only with the action taken during the session but in the weeks leading up to it where she alleges lobbyists and Republican leaders met behind closed doors to craft a series of "self-serving and dangerous pieces of legislation." She further states that certain time-honored practices of the legislature were "thrown out the window" when they were needed most.

Furthermore, the governor states the deadline of midnight set for business to be wrapped up was disregarded with the session officially adjourning just before 8 am Friday morning.


The Governor did not detail immediate plans for action on any legislation, she did state a full and thorough review of all legislation passed during the session will be conducted in the coming weeks.

Governor Kelly will not hold a regular news briefing this upcoming Monday in observance of Memorial Day. Her next scheduled press conference is set for Wednesday at 2 pm. You can listen to the conference on KVOE 1400 am and 96.9 fm.

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Last modified on Friday, 22 May 2020 16:25