CORONAVIRUS: County services still functioning at high level despite occasional staff strain Featured

CORONAVIRUS: County services still functioning at high level despite occasional staff strain KVOE News File Photo

Much like the city of Emporia, Lyon County is continuing to function effectively despite occasional shortages in staff in recent months.

As KVOE News reported over the past week the city of Emporia has been experiencing a shortage in staff due to increased leave since late March. In fact, over 60 staffers have taken COVID-related leave over the past eight months with 12 of those leaves occurring during the pay period that ended last Saturday.

According to Lyon County Human Resources Director Janice Huffman the county has seen similar occurrences with over 60 employees utilizing Families First Coronavirus Response Act leave since the pandemic began.

Thankfully, Lyon County Commission Chairman Rollie Martin says the rise in leave has not led to any slip in services being offered across the county.

Martin says the county's IT department worked diligently at the onset of the pandemic to set up several I-pads, computers and Zoom accounts to allow employees to continue their work from home. He says because of this the county is continuing to operate at a "high level."

FFCRA leave allows employees to utilize leave for a number of reasons including, but not limited to, COVID-related quarantine or isolation, if they had to care for a child or loved one in isolation or quarantine or if they themselves were experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms.

Three weeks ago the county enacted a new public health order which included a county-wide mask mandate that continues now through Jan. 14. City commissioners this past Wednesday adopted the mandate -- and its numerous restrictions and requirements -- on top of its previously issued mandate which has been in effect for the past three months and will continue in its current format through late December.

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Last modified on Saturday, 21 November 2020 11:17