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Dynamic Distribution shipping product out of new warehouse facility Chuck Samples/KVOE News

Dynamic Discs is now distributing product out of its new facility in west Emporia.

Back in October, the company and Regional Development Association of East Central Kansas announced a plan for Dynamic Discs to buy the former Detroit Reman property at 840 Overlander Road and sell its then-current space at 3601 West Sixth, with the help of Emporia Enterprises and the blessing of the Emporia City Commission. Dynamic Discs owner Jeremy Rusco says the move is complete and product started shipping out just before Valentine's Day.

Rusco says the moving process involving inventory, pallets, racking, office equipment and other items was "an event in itself," so Event Coordinator Doug Bjerkaas was put in charge. He also thanked Reason Bradford for the use of tractor-trailers to help the process.

The move started Feb. 4, and Rusco says the space on Overlander Road -- which quadrupled the prior space --was needed even before the explosive growth of interest seen in disc golf last year as a direct result of COVID-19.


Another benefit to the new facility is the presence of loading docks, which speeds the shipping instead of having to send materials in and out of a garage.

The Detroit Reman property opened up as that company closed its operations at the end of last year. The City Commission approved $650,000 so Dynamic Discs could buy the property. Emporia Enterprises has been tasked with facilitating the real estate transaction for the space on West Sixth. It is also owning, managing and listing that property for sale.

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