Soybean plantings to surpass corn for first time in over 30 years

By Chuck Samples April 10, 2018 313
Kansas State Research and Extension photo. Kansas State Research and Extension photo.

Farmers across the country will plant more soybeans than corn this year -- the first time in 35 years that has happened.

Lyon County Extension ag agent Brian Rees is not surprised.

Rees says corn can be profitable in other parts of the state, but it's increasingly less so here with yields normally in the 130 bushel-per-acre range. The same factors are driving the winter wheat market, and there is an increase in canola production as opposed to wheat. 

Rees says there were several years where there was a good combination of good yields and good crop prices, but that has not been the case the last two to three years -- so farmers are now looking for more profitable alternatives, even if they may not be traditional crops.

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