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USD 253 Emporia sent a proposal for new start and dismissal times back for further review.

Budgets and buildings will be the main focal points for the Chase County School Board on Wednesday night.

The Chase County School Board meets Wednesday night.

USD 284 Chase County patrons now have a final facility plan -- and an election date to decide whether to consolidate all school operations into a single K-12 building over the next few years.

USD 284 needs to do more homework.

That was the consensus Wednesday as architects Hollis and Miller presented their latest findings to the Chase County School Board, and roughly 40 local residents.

The USD 284 Chase County Facilities Committee is gearing up for its second meeting as the district decides how to address long-term building needs.

USD 284 Chase County's facilities committee has organized, but has not yet gone over any potential plans for how to address the building situation in that district.

USD 284 Chase County has a big meeting this week, one which could finalize the district's facilities plan.

USD 284 Chase County is having a meeting this week on their facilities plan Wednesday.

The Chase County School District held an information meeting Wednesday as it starts the formal process of deciding whether to refurbish its current buildings or build a single school building.

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