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USD 284 Chase County's facilities committee has organized, but has not yet gone over any potential plans for how to address the building situation in that district.

USD 284 Chase County has a big meeting this week, one which could finalize the district's facilities plan.

USD 284 Chase County is having a meeting this week on their facilities plan Wednesday.

The Chase County School District held an information meeting Wednesday as it starts the formal process of deciding whether to refurbish its current buildings or build a single school building.

USD 284 Chase County is moving forward after choosing a plan that sounded like the best option during Tuesday's community input meeting.

Patrons of USD 284 Chase County have been giving their thoughts on whether the district should keep the current school buildings in Strong City and Cottonwood Falls or whether to build a single school.

The USD 284 Chase County School Board continues to discuss what needs to be done next regarding facilities.

Chase County school patrons are encouraged to attend a community input meeting Wednesday night as the district considers its long-range direction.

USD 284 Chase County is still working on a plan of action following the defeat of their bond issue for a new education complex.

It was a bit muddy for a test drive Wednesday, but Chase County Elementary will still benefit from a special fundraiser.

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