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Grass fire season looks like it's picking up.

Free at 3 is returning soon.

Two weeks after biting cold became brutal cold, Wolf Creek Plant Manager BJ Bayer says his workers did their best to keep power flowing safely.

Emporia Police are investigating after an unusual crash early Friday.

Part of West Sixth Avenue constricted after a water main break a month ago is now back to normal speed and normal configuration.

A new rock quarry network is coming to southeast Lyon County.

For years, the National Weather Service has coordinated the statewide tornado drill on Tuesday of Severe Weather Awareness Week. And for years, Lyon County has not participated.

Evergy's solar customers are going back to a rate structure with which they could be familiar.

No issues developed after a pair of protests in Americus on Thursday -- one decrying a North Lyon County Junior High student saying she was a lesbian on a bus ride home last month, one to shield students from the first protest.

Traffic can finally move on Kansas Highway 99 north of Emporia after a nearly 24-hour closure.

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