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Emporia State Professor Rachelle Smith -- and over 1 million other people -- were in a very uncomfortable position Saturday morning when they received word a ballistic missile was launched and headed to Hawaii.

Emporia Statue University's Professor Kevin Rabas can add a new title to his name: Poet Laureate of Kansas.

A professor and student at Emporia State University will receive the Presidential Award for Diversity during the university's Social Equity and Justice lecture Thursday night.

Following a fireworks-filled presidential debate Sunday night, a pair of Emporia State professors gave their observations about how candidates Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton fared.

Regents universities are proposing increases in housing and dining rates.

Preparations continue this week for the Emporia State Music Department's annual gala benefit concert Saturday night.

Emporia State University is celebrating a new grant it received from the National Science Foundation.

Emporia State's new residence hall will bear the name of its 14th president.

Details are pending about a hateful statement apparently noticed in an Emporia State University residence hall Friday, but President Allison Garrett wasted little time addressing the matter.

Emporia State University has issued a statement referencing an allegation of misconduct but is not divulging any information about the nature of the incident or its resolution.