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Emporia is staying out of the darkness.

Emporia Police are still searching for a suspect in the practice known as skimming. Currently, there is no update on the suspect or their whereabouts.

The investigation continues after a hit-and-run crash in Emporia earlier this month.

Emporia Police are still looking for the suspect in a fight that left one person badly injured early Saturday.

Emporia Police are reporting a new scam relating to Social Security accounts, and Police Sgt. Lisa Sage says people should be very wary whenever calls like this come up.

Emporia Police are asking for your help in solving a hit-and-run crash from over the weekend.

Investigators are still working to solve a business burglary from over a month ago.

Investigators say there was "no evidence of impairment" as an Emporia woman drove across part of Peter Pan Park Lake last week.



This is supposed to be a time of great joy and holiday cheer, but you may wind up being not so cheery if your Christmas gifts wind up in somebody else's hands.

This summer's burglary at the Medicine Shoppe pharmacy has been turned over to federal authorities for additional investigation.