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Severe weather pushed through the KVOE listening area Wednesday evening.

Following a week of sunshine and dry conditions, severe weather could be at our doorstep by midweek.

A severe thunderstorm developed in the KVOE listening area early Friday bringing 60 mph winds gusts and quarter-sized hail. 

Severe weather rolled through the Emporia area early Wednesday morning around 3 a.m.

Severe weather season is already off to a fast start to our south and east, and the time for severe weather is officially upon us. With that in mind, the National Weather Service is starting Severe Weather Awareness Week on Monday.

Even with tree damage, crop damage and occasional structure damage, area residents impacted by severe weather Wednesday night could have fared worse.

Strong and even severe storms are possible in our listening area Wednesday evening.

Severe weather is possible Saturday evening for the KVOE listening area.

Severe storms are possible across the listening area beginning Wednesday.

On Monday, the KVOE listening area avoided the prospect of severe weather. That risk is back in place for Tuesday and most of the next week.