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We now have our fourth straight day of red flag warnings for parts of the area.

Crops slowed by floods

September 13, 2016

Crops have not been stopped by heavy rains

Employees in good health are more likely to be more productive and create good business. Mental Health First Aid at Work is an organization that promotes mental health wellness and works to reduce the stigma against mental illnesses.

Crosswinds Counseling and Wellness has announced the newest member of their staff. 

Crosswinds Counseling and Wellness shared some advice to ensure a positive Holiday season. 

A new preschool program will assist preschool student development with a unique curriculum. 

National Mental Illness Awareness week is being recognized this week and one local organization is providing depression screening in Emporia.

Phil Vassar tickled ivories -- and he pounded them as well -- during the now-traditional concert at the Lyon County Fair on Saturday night.

Cruisin' the Campus brought out some rare gems Saturday.

There's a cruise hitting Emporia on Saturday night----and no, it doesn't involve a boat.