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Investigations continue into what the Kansas Turnpike Authority says were as many as four separate crashes on the highway Sunday afternoon.

State revenues continue well ahead of their pace from last year.

The Kansas Turnpike Authority has approved a contract for an upcoming project on the highway near Emporia.

Farmers across the country will plant more soybeans than corn this year -- the first time in 35 years that has happened.

Lost in the back-and-forth over education funding over the weekend was a major tax reform bill that passed the Senate and is now in front of the House.

Another quake centered in north-central Oklahoma was felt across much of Kansas early Monday.

It took lawmakers working Saturday and well into early Sunday morning, but the Senate and House both eventually passed the $534 million increase over five years, presented by the House earlier in the week. The Senate approved the bill 21-19, shortly before 12:30 a.m. Sunday with the House voting 63-56 earlier Saturday.

Logan Elementary Launches their dreams with a flick of the wrist.

Even though their teddy bears and dolls may not have had any symptoms, several area children descended on Flinthills Mall Saturday to give their little friends a timely checkup.

An Osage County deputy was injured late Friday night during a pursuit east of Osage City.